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New to PhotoVidShow or want to understand all it's great features?

Then why not watch some of our straightforward tutorial videos below. These start from first steps on how to install the PhotoVidShow software, creating your first stunning slideshow and how to burn it to a disk or creating as a video file for watching online or on your favourite device.

You can watch these videos in any order you wish! Each individual video explains everything you need to know to cover that tutorial topic.

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Tutorial #1 Installing the software, registering and creating your first Photo slideshow Tutorial #2 A general overview of the software, showing off all it's features Tutorial #3 Importing photos and video, blank slides and using animation designs Tutorial #4 Editing your photos and video - orientation, colour balance, cropping and masks
tutorial 5 video
tutorial 6 video
tutorial 7 video
tutorial 8 video
Tutorial #5 Adding decorations to slides - text, clipart, images, moving, stretching, rotating Tutorial #6 Setting the background colour, picture or video on a slide Tutorial #7 customising the pan and zoom effect on a slide Tutorial #8 Adding filter effects including colour, sepia, blur, old film and light leaks
tutorial 9 video
tutorial 10 video
tutorial 11 video
tutorial 12 video
Tutorial #9 Setting the border image on a slide including fun pictures or vignette effects Tutorial #10 Adding motion effects to your slide decorations Tutorial #11 Customising the transition effect between two slides Tutorial #12 Adding background music to your slideshow and setting music start and end times
tutorial 13 video
tutorial 14 video
tutorial 15 video
tutorial 16 video
Tutorial #13 Adding a narration and sound effects to your slideshow Tutorial #14 Designing and customising a DVD or Blu-ray disc menu Tutorial #15 Burning your slideshow to DVD, Blu-ray or creating as an mp4 video file Tutorial #16 Having multiple slideshows on one disc, sub menus and pre-menu slideshows

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