PhotoVidShow is totally free to use

PhotoVidShow is now totally free to use.

If your currently installed version of PhotoVidShow requests a registration key code and you do not know what your code is, then you can use the code below instead of installing the free version :- B401A5DCB934F73272C96A9D95191F35


PhotoVidShow version 4.5.3 released

photo dvd slideshow app

Version 4.5.3 of PhotoVidShow has been released. This version includes minor fixes for the popular version 4.5.1

New in this build:-

• Mp4 video files created by PhotoVidShow can now be imported back into PhotoVidShow without causing errors and frame rate issues.
• Fixed issue with seeking video and then preview playing not playing correct part of video.
• Removal of SVCD and VCD support. These ancient formats are rarely if ever used.
• Minor stability fixes.
• Steam and Windows Store support which includes a version for Windows 10 S (mode)
• Removed the need for Microsoft direct show filters needing to be installed at installation time.


PhotoVidShow version 4.5.1 released

photo dvd slideshow app

Version 4.5.1 of PhotoVidShow has been released. This version includes improvements and fixes.

New in this build:-

• Better support for importing mp3's which have been encoded with VBR (now correct music length).
• Fixed occasional blank thumbnails being shown for video slides.
• Better support for projects that use lots of memory.
• More support for audio and video formats.
• No longer need to install additional video codecs on Windows Vista to import .mov and .mp4 files.
• Uses Windows Edge browser where appropriate instead of IE.
• Many small GUI improvements.
• Fixed crashes that could occur when moving to a different project aspect ratio.
• Faster response time when doing video trimming.
• Fixed problem on blu-ray authoring, where occasionally some videos would not play on certain blu-ray players.


New video tutorials have been added

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16 tutorial videos have been added to the PhotoVidShow web site. These videos teach you the absolute basics to more advance features, covering all aspects of the PhotoVidShow editor. Interested in learning more about the PhotoVidShow software, then why not watch some of these videos.

Click here to watch

PhotoVidShow version 4.4.1 released

photo dvd slideshow app

Version 4.4.1 of PhotoVidShow has been released. This version includes improvements and fixes.

New in this build:-

• Support for amazon mp3's which contain large embedded pictures.
• Speed ups when moving and adjusting video decorations when editing slides.
• Can now fade in and out audio on videos.
• Can now manually set the audio fade length for video, music and narrations.
• Increased the 400 slides per slideshow limit to 1000 slides.
• Better support for .mov files that contain a MJPEG video codec.
• Should now not have the '31 Failed to read DVD structure' problem when burning. This was being caused by a firewall or anti-malware software blocking PhotoVidShow.
• User can now change the default folders to look for photos, music and project files.
• Updated to Microsoft .net framework 4.6.1 (Default for windows 10). Non Windows 10 users, may need to install this version of .net, but will be prompted at install time'. Unfortunately this means we have dropped support for Windows XP.
• Added delete button shortcuts.
• Fixed issue with storyboard times not updating after a trim video had been done.
• Added a 'Low' quality setting when video creating. I.e. useful if the video is destine for a web site and going to be streamed.
• Now no longer trims music that is repeated in storyboard.
• More warnings when music track play time is outside slideshow times.
• Music bar in storyboard always shows music name even when scrolled.
• Fixed issue when border decoration not always shown in storyboard thumbnail.
• Changed default menu font to better match default menu background.
• Automatically selects BD driver over DVD drive when burning BD discs.
• Fixed possible lock up issue if warning about not enough hard-drive space is shown.
• Removed 'Play All' type menu buttons for SVCD and VCD. They couldn't be used for these output types anyway.
• Re-linking media files, now shows the original path of the missing files.
• Fixed issue that you could not set the menu music to 'Nothing'.
• Extended option to insert a blank slide or picture before a slide, as well as after.
• Removed the ability to accidentally remove a slideshow thumbnail button from a menu via the 'Order layers' screen.
• More countries added on the PAL/NTSC automatic detection and selection when burning DVDs.
• Fixed issue where the 'DVD burner tool' would not launch if another different version of StartBurn was installed on the computer.
• Added .m2ts extension to the allowed extensions types when importing video.
• Fixed issue where 'motion effects' window not showing correct decoration when setting motion on a menu decoration.
• Fixed issue where music not always seeking to correct position when stopping and then re-playing in preview.
• Fixed issue with Blu-ray discs not working with 'Ignore menus' option turned on.
• Reduced default cached video players at once to 4 when editing. This helps memory issues when importing lots of 1080p video.
• Videos now work better in some more complex slide designs e.g. 'Wooden pan around' design.
• Fixed issue with blank video thumbnails occasionally appearing in storyboard.
• Now automatically reduces resolution of 1080p videos when editing, to reduce memory and improve speed. Output quality not effected though.


PhotoVidShow version 4.3.1 released

photo dvd slideshow app

Version 4.3.1 of PhotoVidShow has been released. This version contains new features as well as improved compatibility with video input media.

New in this build:-

• Blu-ray support. You can now create and burn Blu-ray disks at full 1080p and 720p (Blu-ray burner hardware and media required).
• Added more DVD and Blu-ray menu configurations and options. More navigation buttons and different menu highlighting styles as well as 'Play all' menu buttons.
• You can now create an intro slideshow. This is a slideshow shown when the output disk is initially played but before the main menu starts up.
• Added automatic chapter marker insertion for DVD and Blu-ray outputs as well as custom chapter markers.
• Improved .mp4 outputs so they stream better when played back on Chrome browsers.
• Fixed issue with audio sync with video files that contain multiple frame rates.
• Now handles editing multiple 1080p input videos without having memory issues.
• Improved speed when encoding menus that contain video.
• Warns users when trying to import media from external USB drives.
• Added new menu background art.
• Added different ways to navigate between slideshows and menus in the PhotoVidShow editor.
• More diagnostic information in log files, to help you identify problem slides.
• Fixed issue when using Radeon r7xxx graphic cards causing menu thumbnails to sometimes look wrong.


PhotoVidShow version 4.2.3 released

Version 4.2.3 of PhotoVidShow has been released. This version is a small update to our successful version 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 build. This version adds additional support for more graphics cards.

New in this build:-

• Improved support for more graphics cards including Intel HD and Radeon R7 2xx range. This fixes issues when encoding; including output videos which freeze on playback or cause the graphics drivers to stop working when encoding.
• Other small GUI improvements and minor bug fixes.


PhotoVidShow version 4.2.2 released

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Version 4.2.2 of PhotoVidShow is now here. This version is a small update to our successful version 4.2.1. For users with computers that have an integrated Intel HD 4000 range graphics card, you can now create HD movies without issue.

New in this build:-

• Fixed issue with the Intel HD graphics card 4000 range driver when creating HD movies. This 'by-passes' the issues in the Intel drivers
• Diagnostic log file now created by default.
• Speed up for DVD encoding as well as lower resolution movies.
• Better support for .m4a audio files (e.g. from iTunes).
• Other small GUI improvements and minor bug fixes.


New PhotoVidShow version 4.2.1

new dvd slideshow app

Version 4.2.1 of PhotoVidShow has been released. This version fixes some minor issues as well as improving stability and compatibility. Also for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, you now no longer need to install the ffdshow codec pack to import .mp4 and .mov video files.

Issues addressed include:-

• Works natively importing .mp4 and .mov video files on Windows 7 and 8 machines. Windows XP and Vista users still need to install the ffdshow codec pack to import these type of video. The manual install of the Haali media splitter is no longer required.
• Many minor aesthetic improvements in the editor.
• Better support for importing video that contain ac3 audio (especially video containing 6 audio channels)
• Fixed issue where total slideshow time could be wrong when encoding.
• Added ability to add a blank slide other than just appending it to the end of the slideshow.
• Added ability to quickly add a fade in/out effect to a decorations without needing to bring up the motion effects window.
• Now remembers your favourite output project type when restarting.
• Fixed issue where sometimes having to do two file re-links when importing an old V3.1.4 project file.
• Now force uses built in window mp3 decoders when doing audio ripping.
• Fixed issue where setting a video audio to 0%, was still producing a video with very quite sound.
• Fixed issue where preview seeking a slide containing a video wasn't always showing the correct frame.
• Better support for importing .mkv video files.
• Better support for importing mpeg-2 video files.
• Fixed slight audio syncing problem when encoding with some HD .mov videos.
• Fixed occasional freeze problem in Windows 8 when importing and/or encoding some video files.
• Fixed issues where some narration files no longer played after they have be moved in the storyboard panel.
• Minor fixes to the template slide designs.
• Can now optionally use ffdshow to decode video files (if ffdshow installed and using Windows 7 or 8)


New PhotoVidShow version 4.1.8

Add music to slideshow

We are pleased to announce version 4.1.8 is available.

New features include:-

• PhotoVidShow minimal install available as well as the traditional full install. This version is quicker to install and now downloads media files as required from our server.
• Updates to our pre-slide template designs.
• Minor bug fixes to the editor.


PhotoVidShow update beta version 4.1.7 available

We have release an update to version 4.1.7

New features include:-

• Better support for older project files from version 3.1.4 and previous
• Updates to our pre-slide template designs.
• Minor bug fixes to the editor.


New PhotoVidShow beta version 4.1.6 available

slideshow with music

We are pleased to announce a new beta version of PhotoVidShow is available. This is a big update release since our last release back in 2012

New features include:-

• Addition of Mpeg 4 (h.264) video creation, include HD 720p and 1080p.
• A selection of fantastic looking slide pre-design templates.
• Ability to set movement effects on text, images and video.
• Ability to set start/end shown times for slide decorations.
• Motion blur on rapid movement on final output videos.
• Filter effects including:- lens blur, sepia, and many texture blending filters and video.
• Fully crop and adjust the color of input material as well as setting an outline mask.
• Arbitrary rotation on all video, text and images.
• Ability to record a narration for a slideshow.
• Lots more built in backgrounds and clipart.
• Addition of slide borders, including Vignette effects.
• Additional font creation ability as well as pre-defined font styles.