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The recent Windows10 March 2017 update KB4013429 unfortunately contains a Microsoft bug that now makes importing .mov or .mp4 video files into PhotoVidShow crash. This crash will also occur when opening a PhotoVidShow project file that contains .mov or .mp4 video files.

This bug also affects many other applications, including the Windows DVD player app and also when playing a .mpg video file in Windows Media player or the Film and TV app.

***** Update 21st March 2017 *****

Microsoft have been quick on this and have already release another Windows 10 update which fixes this issue. (KB4015438)

This will either happen automatically on your PC over the next week or so, or you can tell windows to check for updates and install it now. In Windows 10, Select ‘Start’, then select ‘Settings’ icon on the left. Select ‘Update and Security’, then select ‘Check for updates’. If the update is not offered, click the Update history link, as it might already be installed.

Thanks for your patience and support

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